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Top 5 Geordie cards to say “I love you” this Valentine’s

News   •   Feb 09, 2016 11:42 GMT

The most loving (or vomit-inducing) day of the year, Valentine’s, is fast approaching! Have you bought a card for your loved one, or wannabe-beau, yet? If you’re wanting to stay true to your Northern self and show off your Geordie roots this year, check out these fabulous North East cards. After all, nowt says I love you like some good Geordie banter, right?

1.Here’s a card with a great Geordie twist on a classic Valentine’s rhyme. Roses are red…Violets are cute…You’re proper lush…Let’s gan oot.

2.For the super romantic who wants to let someone know they are the only one, check out this card from Geordie Gifts.

3.North East gifts have come up with this little gem. What would the Tyne be without the Bridge? Or Greggs with no stotties? Or indeed you, without your significant other?

4.If it’s lust on your mind, rather than love, this card from Wot Ma Like may be for you.

5.We love this card with its cute ‘Love Bords’ illustration. 

Off out this Valentine's Day? We run a wide range of frequent buses across the region, so why not leave the car at home and have a couple of drinks?