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15 Amazing Acts of Kindness by Go North East bus drivers

News   •   Feb 25, 2016 08:00 GMT

We all know that bus drivers sometimes get a bad press. A cheery one or a grumpy one can make or break your morning. The polite British public love nothing more than good manners and a gregarious greeting when they hop on board.

It’s actually quite astonishing the uplifting impact a friendly bus driver can have on a customer. We know this because we get thousands of comments from passengers every year about our drivers. And we are pleased to report that, as well as the grumbles, the positive praise we get about our 700-strong driving crew is plentiful.

Here are 15 of our favourite customer comments about some of our fantastic drivers. We always pass on your feedback to our employees so if you’ve met a lovely driver lately, give us a shout. Everyone loves hearing when they’ve done a good job and appreciation is the best motivator.

If you believe in praise, where praise is due, then please like this post and share it. Let’s spread the love for all the brilliant bus drivers out there, doing a great job in often stressful circumstances.

1.  I saw an amazing act of kindness by a Go North East driver today. He got off his bus and was heading towards Greggs when he noticed a homeless man in Newcastle sitting with his dog, freezing in a doorway. He started talking to him before he went into Greggs. I was totally shocked at what happened next. The driver came out and handed the man a cup of coffee and I heard him say ‘this will warm you up mate’. He asked if he was ok and if there was anything he needed. Then he reached into his bag and handed the homeless man a bacon sandwich. I’ve never seen a person look so grateful for anything in my life. The driver then shook his hand and wished him a good day. To see a person of such unfortunate circumstances treated with such kindness, dignity and respect was simply overwhelming. Your driver is a credit to your company. Steven Malloy.

2.  Last night your driver Peter Bell was wonderful with a disabled guy whose speech was very poor. People on the bus were laughing at him but the driver was brilliant. It was very hard to understand the guy but the driver was very patient and never once rushed the man; he even had time to start a conversation with him. When I asked him why he did that with someone he couldn’t understand, his reply was sweet. He said that the guy might not have anyone waiting at home for him and it would be a real shame if the last person who spoke to him was rude and seemed like they didn’t care. I just think the driver is brilliant and he should know that it’s noticed by passengers. I travel with this driver a lot. Mark.

3.  I want to thank a lovely driver – Florin Rusu. My daughter is going to comprehensive school in September so we are trying to build up her confidence and independence. We got on the 88 and I got off a couple of stops before my daughter. She knows where to get off for school and was watching for her stop but with it being dark mornings, she just missed it. She told the driver and he stopped, reassured her and then walked her back to her bus stop. This driver was polite and kind and showed empathy. A big thank you! Samantha Park.

4.  I got off the bus at Fellside Road and the driver Peter Bowman pulled away but then stopped because he saw an elderly gentleman in need of help. The man didn’t know where he was so the driver got out of his cab to help him and advised him to get on the bus so he could take him to a nearby Police Station. I was very impressed with how the driver handled the situation. Christopher Douglas.

5.  I would like to say well done to the 45 driver tonight – David Ringer. A customer passed out on his bus. The passenger then came around after about 20 seconds and he got off the bus at Lintzford. He then fainted again and landed face first in a bush. The driver leapt out of his cab and picked the man up out of the hedgerow. He put him in the recovery position and called for an ambulance. God knows what would have happened to this man if the driver had not noticed and just driven off. Millie Beal.

6.  I had a great experience on one of your Q1 buses tonight. I have never been led to give positive feedback for a bus journey so this is a first for me! The driver John Chilvers was so helpful. I am not from Newcastle and unfamiliar with the area. He took the time to explain to me exactly where I needed to go to get to my hotel, when I wasn't sure which bus to take and the most cost-effective way of doing so. He was so friendly and smiley and is a great asset to your business. He is the loveliest bus driver I have ever had the pleasure to come across! A top service and a great, friendly introduction to Newcastle. Libby Mimnagh

7.  I was on the bus with my daughter when she took unwell. The driver Emma Abbs was fantastic! She pulled the bus over, got an ambulance and got everyone off the bus. I am so grateful to the driver. My daughter had suffered a massive stroke and is only now on the mend thanks to the driver and a young nurse who was on the bus. Rachel Owens.

8.  I am on the X1 from Hetton to Newcastle. There was a blind man on the bus and when he got off the bus driver - David Atchison - not only helped him off the bus but helped him cross the busy road. I thought this was above anything I’ve seen from a bus driver in a long time. Nicola Humphrey.

9.  Excellent service when I lost my mobile on the X21. I spoke to the driver Allan Martin and explained I’d lost my phone and was heading off to Spain in the early hours of the following morning. He had finished his shift and kindly came to my home to drop off my phone, in his own time. He is an asset to your company. Lisa Taylor-Mason.

10.  This morning my son left his bag on the V8. The school got a call from a bus driver named Jimmy Rogan to let them know. Jimmy kindly met me to return my son’s school bag. What a lovely man he was. I have been using your buses for the past three months and I must say, you have some lovely drivers. Debbie.

11.  I want to give a massive thank you to bus driver William Bone. He called me an ambulance, stayed with me and took my cat back to Chester le Street for my partner to pick up. Me and my baby are fine but my blood pressure dropped and I was in hospital for six and a half hours. Great service! Tina Lambrinoydakis.

12.  Can I just say that I get the 31 every morning in Winlaton and it’s the same bus driver every day - Alan Jackson. What a wonderful gentleman! Always happy, polite and knows his regular customers. I just want to say it’s wonderful to have that greeting in a morning. Shana.

13.  I was hurrying for the bus to Durham and as I turned the corner the bus was already at the bus stop. David Coglan waited for me and had a lovely attitude. I was delighted. Ann Stone

14.  In Ovington there was an incident with a very old and confused lady who had missed her stop in Corbridge. The driver of the bus Edwina Little stopped our driver Tommy Gibson and between them they got a very frail old lady onto the right bus and safely on to her stop. Both your staff were very kind, compassionate and professional. The lady was very grateful.

15.  I left my mobile phone on the 46 bus from Newcastle. On contacting the office in Consett I was told that my phone was at Stanley – I was amazed and overjoyed. More amazingly I was told it would be delivered by taxi an hour later. Well done Jimmy Wynn. This is customer care over and above and I am really grateful. Laurie Dodds.