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Go North East organises £12,000 donation to foodbanks across the region

News   •   Dec 23, 2020 15:17 GMT

Go North East, the region’s largest bus company, has enabled the donation of £12,000 to foodbanks across the region.

The donations are being made following Go North East not handling change throughout the pandemic, so any extra money left by customers is being put back into the community to ensure it benefits those that need it most, which will include many families who have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The foodbanks have been chosen following colleague-driven activities and ideas that have been put forward from each of the company’s depots, where team members have been collecting food and other supplies for these foodbanks, which will be donated on top of the £12,000.

£2,000 will be donated to each of the following charities:

Go North East is also providing foodbanks with free travel vouchers so that people and families, who might not otherwise be able to afford to go and see loved ones, are given the chance to do so over the festive period and into the New Year, but obviously in line with current Government advice.

Martijn Gilbert, managing director at Go North East, said: “We know it has been a tough year for everyone, so we want to do our bit by ensuring that this money is given back to the community.

“The foodbanks have been chosen by colleagues at our depots and we’re also collecting items to donate to them ahead of Christmas too.”