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Go North East to extend ticket discounts to everyone aged from 5 to 25 in changes to young persons' fares from 8 September

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Go North East to extend ticket discounts to everyone aged from 5 to 25 in changes to young persons' fares from 8 September

Go North East, the region's largest bus company, is extending its discounted ticket offering to everyone aged up to 25 from Sunday 8 September.

As part of the extension, anyone aged up to 25 will be able to buy a day ticket for just £4.50 or a weekly ticket for £17, saving up to a whopping 43% on the equivalent adult all zones ticket prices.

At the same time, the company’s £1 under 19 single journey fare, which was introduced way back in 2016 for those making occasional journeys, will change to £1.20 per single journey, still offering great value for money but reflecting the rising cost of running buses after having been frozen for three years.

Weekly and monthly tickets, for those making regular journeys, will be frozen at current prices, with the new eligibility range of up to 25-years-old providing a longer and better offering, helping to support those in further education, apprenticeships and early employment.

Single tickets (for under 19’s) will only be available for purchase on board the bus. Day, weekly and monthly tickets will also available on the Go North East app.

Anyone aged 16 or over, or looking over this age, will be required to show ID to carry on buying and using any of these tickets at the special discounted prices.

Go North East is happy to accept UK ID cards with the PASS hologram, including the CitizenCard and Validate UK. Young Persons' 16-25 Railcard, other transport ID cards such as Stagecoach VIP, Network One Young Persons' ID card and Arriva Teen, as well as passports and photographic driving licences will also be accepted.

Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director at Go North East, said: “We’re delighted to be extending our discounted fares offering to young people aged up to and including 25.

“This improvement enhances the value for money of bus use for young people across the region, supporting their mobility into further education and early employment whilst also encouraging more low carbon journeys on public transport which can help reduce congestion and improve air quality.”

In summary, the changes are:

  • Day, weekly and monthly tickets now available to those aged up to and including 25
  • Fares for week and month tickets frozen at current prices
  • £1 under 19 single fare now £1.20 having been frozen in price for the last three years
  • New ID arrangements required for anyone 16 or over, or who looks older
  • Similar changes will apply to the longer distance X9 and X10 routes with the occasional journey single fare also increased by 20p, so short journeys will be £1.20 and longer journeys will be £2.20

For customers travelling in Tyne and Wear, prices for under 16s with a POP card will remain unchanged with fares of 60p per journey or unlimited travel on Bus, Metro and Ferry for £1.10 a day.

For anyone travelling on supported scholars’ services in Tyne and Wear, these tickets will continue to be available, with an under 19 fare on 90p per journey available for anyone travelling on these services without a POP card.

These changes affect Go North East’s regular public bus services. Exceptions include services such as the AD122 Hadrian's Wall Country Bus, NewcastleGateshead Toon Tour, Night Bus services N21 and N56 and other special event services.

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