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Changes to services from 17 April

News   •   Apr 01, 2016 13:44 BST

There are a number of service changes taking place from Sunday 17 April, mainly to improve the reliability of our services.

Our new timetables have been based on the information from the real time systems that are fitted on each bus, and this has allowed us to reflect the time it is taking to cope with traffic delays throughout the day. We've looked through the data from each route so that we can create timetables that will make our services more reliable for you, our customers.

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Connections 4

  • The weekday 6.01am bus from Concord towards Houghton-le-Spring will now start from Heworth at 5.48am.

Service 5

  • Service will be retimed to improve reliability and will be branded Whey Aye Five-O.
  • Additionally will serve Jarrow Morrison's on Monday-Saturday daytimes.

Northern 6

  • A revised timetable is being introduced to improve reliability. Journeys on weekdays before 9am and after 4pm will stop at all stops through Dunston following requests from customers.

Coast & Country 8 & 8A

  • Minor timetable changes, with the Saturday 7.52am journey from Newfield to Stanley replaced by a journey on X30 from No Place to Stanley.

Services 11 & 11A

  • A revised timetable is being introduced to improve reliability. Buses will run via Scotswood Road instead of Newcastle Business Park at off peak times.

ToonLink 12 & 12A

  • Timetable revised to improve reliabilty.

Angel 21

  • Timetable to revised to improve reliabilty.
  • Most journeys from Newcastle that previously terminated at Chester-le-Street Black Horse will now terminate at Chester-le-Street Red Lion.

Venture 30

  • The weekday journey at 8.05am from Stanley is revised to run in school holidays only. There will also be an additional journey added at 7.40am from Stanley. A small number of journeys are retimed to maintain connections with the revised X30.

Lambton Worm 34 & 34A

  • Final journey on Monday-Saturday will be retimed to run 5 minutes later to maintain a connection with Angel 21 which is also changing.

Red Kite 45, 46 & 47

  • Running time has been revised to improve reliability.
  • Evening & Sunday journeys on Service 47 no longer operate via High Spen Bus Stand, with all journeys operating the normal daytime route.
  • A small number of late evening journeys will run as Service 45E via Blackhall Mill.
  • The 45, 46 and 47 services will be ran by both single and double-deck buses.

Whey Aye Five-O 50

  • Service retimed to improve reliability, and diverted via Ayton to re-instate service in this area following passenger requests.
  • Sunday daytime service now runs as normal service 50, with passengers from Rickleton being able to travel on new service 82B.

Coast & Country 78, 78A & X78

  • The Monday to Saturday 10.40pm journey from Consett to Stanley will now terminate at Stanley Bus Station, with the service to Thatcher’s Foot and Shield Row now being operated on the V7 service.
  • On Sundays, buses running as 78A will serve Beamish Museum entrance.
  • The weekday morning X78 journey has also been retimed.

Services 82, 82A & 82B

  • Sunday service revised. All Sunday journeys omit SavaCentre Car Park.
  • Alternate Sunday journeys run as service 82B, which additionally serve Harraton and Rickleton, omitting The Drive, Windemere and Dunvegan.

South Tyne 88 & 88A

  • Timetable revised to improve reliability.
  • Journeys before 9am on weekdays omit Jarrow Morrisons.

Service 92

  • 4.08pm and 5.08pm journeys from Team Valley are retimed to run 10 minutes later throughout.

Service 95

  • The Sunday timetable has been revised to improve reliability.

Services 96 & 96A

  • Timetable revised to improve reliability.

Venture V7

  • The final V7 journey to Stanley on Mondays to Saturdays will be diverted via Thatcher’s Foot & Shield Row to replace the 78A.

The Castles Express X21

  • Evening and Sunday journeys which connect with Angel 21 retimed to improve reliability.

ToonLink X30, X31 & X32

  • A revised timetable will be introduced to improve reliability.
  • An additional X30 journey will run on Saturday mornings to replace a 78A between No Place and Stanley.

Northern X70, X71 & X72

  • A revised timetable will be introduced to improve reliability.

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