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Do you know a bus driver who deserves recognition?

News   •   May 31, 2016 15:00 BST

L-R Bus drivers Lisa Ellerington, Alan Bensley, Billy Cook and Rachel Langford.

You contact us in your thousands every year to tell us about the lovely things our bus drivers do.

Would you like one of our drivers to be crowned Top National Bus Driver 2016 at the UK Bus Awards?

The judges are looking for the best bus driver in the country for this prestigious title and we believe our driving staff have what it takes.

If you feel one of our drivers has been extra helpful, or has gone out of their way to help you or someone you know, then please vote for them here VOTE NOW Nominations must be in by Friday 10 June.

If you know a driver you’d like to nominate but you don’t know their name, their driver number will be at the top of your paper ticket if you have one. 

Here are just a few of some of the wonderful feedback you’ve been sending in for our drivers lately:

  • Thank you very much Phil Sloan for helping me and my 1-year-old son when he started to choke. He pulled the vehicle over to a safe place and took control of the situation. My child was choking on his vomit and Phil assisted me in what was a very upsetting situation.
  • Your driver Tommy Wears found my wallet in the high street at Chester-le-Street. He went the extra mile – finding my contact details and returning my wallet. Thanks very much; it says a lot that your staff are so caring and well-trained. Tony Knott.
  • Billy Turnbull is the best bus driver! I had a huge panic attack on the Q2 this morning. He pulled over and stayed with me to calm me down while he rang an ambulance. The panic attack lasted 40 minutes. He contacted school and work for people who were going to be late and was so patient with me. Thank you so much! Lauren Kennedy.
  • I didn’t realise I’d left my phone on the bus. Your driver Andrew Willis took the time to charge my phone up and contact the number on it and drop it off at my house. I want to thank this lovely gentleman for such a thoughtful, considerate and kind gesture. Evelyn Mclaren.
  • I got on the number 6 bus this morning and asked for a weekly pass to Newcastle. The bus driver Kevin Gibson was really friendly and cracked a few jokes with me about not sounding very enthusiastic for another week of work. A smile at 7.06am is what I needed, I’m going to have a good week now I’m sure. Bethany Sparks.
  • The driver of my bus, currently driving the no. 4 to Houghton - Andrew James - has such a positive attitude and polite manner towards customers. This is consistent whenever I see him and I thought it should be acknowledged. Chloe Hall.
  • Could you please give feedback to driver Wayne Savage of the no. 57 bus. He is by far the nicest driver, engaging with customers as they arrive and depart the bus. Great customer service. Christine Rae.
  • I’m on the Q1 and what a lovely driver we have. There was a blind lady and her guide dog and when we got to her stop the driver got out of his seat and helped the lady up and off the bus. What a lovely driver – Edward Cockburn. Barbara Ann.
  • I was on the no. 5 today and driver Ryan Stienlet was extremely polite and remarkably patient. A woman driver decided to shoot out of a side street and how the driver missed her is nothing short of a miracle! He pulled up alongside her car and enquired if she was alright and advised her to sit quietly for a while before driving away and he asked everyone on the bus if they were ok. Brenda Mann.
  • A big thank you to Stuart Murray – the 56 driver who got stuck in a big line of traffic yesterday. When people were getting on and off he was kind, well-mannered and explained why he was late every time he was asked. He sat and took abuse from some awfully behaved passengers and was still kind in return. Thank you – you are a credit to your company. From a very grateful student nurse who would be lost without the Fab 56 and all its drivers.
  • I would like to thank your bus driver Andy Salmon. I left my keys on the bus and they were brilliant. It was my first time using Go North East and it won’t be my last. However, it will be the last time I leave my keys on the bus! Kelly Chapman.

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